Our Vision

Our vision is one of collaboration between commerce, finance and government to build sustainable infrastructure for the next generation.

The Commonwealth Research Centre (CRC) specialises in coordinating high value development programmes with innovation in technology. It provides significant risk mitigation advantages through an appropriate structuring of capital in its Project Preparation Facilities (PPF).

CRC is at the cutting edge of the next phase of sustainable global growth. Methodologies such as our proven national delivery system software help the development and delivery of commercially viable infrastructure of critical international importance.

From investors looking to mitigate risk and maximise returns on capital to national administrations wanting to develop their nations in the interests of their peoples, if you wish to help build a more innovative and sustainable future then please fill in the confidential contact form below with your contact details and we will be in direct touch at the earliest opportunity.

Why Commonwealth?

CRC operates anywhere in the world where our PPF methodology can be effective. Our commitment is to the values of the Charter of the Commonwealth which are applicable to the conditions of any economy that seeks serious investment. Our approach is ethical, respectful and highly disciplined in improving both the rates of delivery and the bankability of projects in which we are involved.


Making development projects bankable, that is, attractive to commercial lenders and other investors, is the greatest challenge of our time for countries seeking to meet the infrastructural needs of their growing populations. Our methodology mitigates risk substantially and we go further because of our direct experience of the banking and investment community. Because we understand both sides of the equation, we can bring governments and investors into effective alignment.

Making PPF Work

Our practical approach is to build experienced consortia operating in a series of accountable phases. The phased approach ensures that a development project can be implemented effectively on terms that work for countries and investors alike. Each stage represents a budgeted calculation of risk in which effective implementation and revenue generation are reviewed constantly and adjusted for success.


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